Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tyra Banks: Be Your Own CEO - Step 1 - Take a moment

Tyra says...

Take a moment. Everyday take a moment to reflect on your day. Did you miss out on an opportunity for something? Did someone else steal your thunder? How about making plans? Did you let a friend decide what movie to see even though you really didn’t want to go see it? Think about all the things you need to change to take charge of everything you do. In order to run your own business, you need to run your own life. Write it down in a journal/your phone’s memo pad/post-it notes/etc EVERY DAY.

Action Points:

1. keep using my diary to organise and determine my life's direction

2. keep journalling the results for review.

I now use my diary to properly plan my day. I think about what I could be doing as well as I what I should and need to be doing. Each evening I reflect on the day in my journal, which in turn helps to focus my mind for the next day as well. I am gradually taking control of my own life.

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