Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tyra Banks: Be My Your Own CEO - Step 2- Build Confidence

Tyra says

Build Confidence. When walking into a room, or meeting a new person, your confidence must shine. First impressions are key in being your own CEO. Here are some tips on how to give off a fun, fearless, powerful woman vibe.

1. Flash a Smile. Not one of those super-fake-“I’m-trying-to-impress-you” smiles, but a genuine-mouth-closed smile. It will boost your mood and your attitude.
2. The Perfect Handshake. Use your right hand. Face your shake-ee directly. You need the perfect grip – between overbearing and limp fish. Only one to three up and down movements, don’t over-do it or you’ll seem overly anxious.
3. Point Those Pumps. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and point them at the person you’re talking to. Make sure you keep eye-contact too!

Action points:

1. practice walking, shoulders back, head up

2. Smile!

This is a real issue for me. Over the past few years I have had ever so much of the confidence knocked out of me. On critical self-analysis, I realise that this is evident in poor posture, taking less care with my appearance and avoiding contact. I am making a concerted effort to keep that posture upright, ironing all my clothes and not just throwing on a tshirt out of the ironing basket and interacting more. Also now on my list of things to do is get hold of Carnegie’s Making Friends and Influencing People and reading it. I used to have a copy but have no idea what happened to it. I am also conscious that I have let my body deteriorate as well so am now exercising more to drop that excess roll around the middle.

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